Digital Ergonomics Coaching​

Advanced Office Management​

Desk Sharing with Memory Function​

AdaptionLab brings the memory function to your office workspace.​
Joysticks on the chair help you to adjust your position throughout the day.
Integrated LEDs and Display indicate the booking status and time the workplace is reserved.​

Multiple actuators are moving the chair into your position. Every day.
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Our smart desk

Your office hub

Our height-adjustable desk serves as a dock for the office chair and can be equipped with optional acoustic protection and displays.

A screen transparently indicates the reservation details of the workplace.

Our height-adjustable desk includes status LEDs to display the reservation status of the workplace.

The NFC dock connects seamlessly to your smartphone and includes an inductive QI-charging pad.

combined in your
Image of Chair and desk combined

adaption APP

Office ID

Office ID to login to your
workspace everyday

Memory function

Stores your individual

Ergonomics gamification

Gamified setup of the
office space
Adaption lab app

Personal health assistant

Informs users about a more healthy posture in the office

Office Management

Desk and room booking
system via API
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