AdaptionLab's smart office solution uses state-of the art technology to digitize the existing office environment. The result is an office that adjusts within seconds to any user powered by a hybrid solution of software and hardware. Personalizing standardized desk sharing offices is our mission.

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Smart Office Desk

  • Equipped with sensors & actuators

  • The first commercial active office chair

  • Includes vibration options for smart reminders

  • Displays the occupation with LEDs on the backrest

  • Name tag on the backrest with user that reserved the chair

  • Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth and RFID.

Smart Office Desk

  • Equipped with sensors 

  • Hub for the Smart Office Chair

  • Serving as data funnel for all data collected from chair and desk

  • Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID

  • Smart notifications for a healthier office behavior displayed on a monitor and through LEDs.

Office Health Guide

  • Coaching for a healthier day-to-day routine

  • User reporting to make health performance more transparent

  • Office exercises according to posture in the office

  • Real-time utilization reporting for companies

  • Supporting office management and booking systems (including API).

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